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I'm interested in poetic possibilities between words / pictures, and the role images play in framing stories. My work’s been described as “intriguing, impenetrable, experimental, esoteric, and insaisissable”.

I also publish collaborative books.

Forms of Work


Photopoetic portraiture

What’s unique about this form?

I experience portraiture as an intimate conversation between light, shadow, and surface. It’s a ritual: together we peer patiently into the cracks and play with whatever spirits spill out. When making a portrait, I like to braid photography, poetry, Tarot.

I often work silently, and with sunlight.


Sliding scale options are available. Enquire for rates.

Collaborative bookmaking

What’s unique about this form?

Daed`u is a newborn, small-scale publisher devoted to making books that would likely be unpublishable otherwise. Books that don’t belong on a bookshelf.

It’s a place to collaborate and take risks, teach, learn, ask questions, and explore the outer edges of what a book can be.

Daed`u is about ...
Daed`u will ...
look for funding
publish your book
find you collaborators
stretch your practice
share your work


Sliding scale options are available. Enquire for rates.

I want to make a portrait
I want to make a book


I practice money exchange and material / work trade.

I try my best to accommodate projects of all shapes and sizes. Sliding scale options are available. Please enquire for rates.

When proposing a trade, please refer to this list.


Sliding scale options are available.
Where do I fall on a sliding scale?
Lower end: Costs
Middle: Costs + rate
Higher end: Costs + rate + tip

Whenever money is exchanged, I add an ‘Acknowledgement’ line – an equal contribution from both you and I (an additional 5% of the final project cost, which I then match for a total of 10%). Together, we acknowledge on-going, systemic inequities and actively strengthen Indigenous-led resistance efforts across Canada (Turtle Island).

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