The voice

"Years ago now, I was at the crossroads. This presented as a question: Who are you and what are you doing? It's taking some time to reply.

I'm an artist and educator, trained in image-making. My work has travelled the world and is distinguished by its esoteric flair. Books are my thing, though what a book is warrants some wondering, in my view.

In every deed and detail I am in service to the art of memory. This is how I answer to my time and place, to them: I remember."

Forms of Work


Visual Storytelling

What’s unique about this form?

These workshops were initially developed for high school-age students, but are adaptable in form and length. On the surface, they supply basic techniques for telling a story with images, as well as hand-binding a book. Underneath, they hone the skill of imagination; the chief instrument of memory.


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Collaborative bookmaking

What’s unique about this form?

I like to make the kind of books you might call "unusual." Books with flair.

I approach the art as a ritual. The set-up is precise, but things can get messy; it can really work you. And it's not always "on time" - at least, I've never known it to be.

However I'm contributing to your book, you can expect the utmost beauty, care, and precision. I'll tell you now, though, we won't be traveling in a straight line. We'll be moving diagonally.


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